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Endorsed by ICM

The qualifications awarded by IBT are endorsed by the Institute of Commercial Management (ICM), an Ofqual regulated awarding body established in 1979. Learners who opt to study a qualification awarded by IBT can optionally get endorsed by ICM as it provides added value. The self-regulated qualifications of IBT are subject to strict internal quality assurance processes, which reflect high standards. IBT has developed qualifications to cater to the needs of a wide range of sectors.

Quality Standards

Our Qualifications are subject to our internal quality assurance processes and guaranteed to conform to a high standard since we recognise, monitor and audit our accredited centres to ensure they function legitimately and reliably. The Qualifications of IBT are endorsed by the Institute of Commercial Management (ICM), an Ofqual regulated awarding body established in 1979. Completing an IBT Qualification alone does not lead to a regulated qualification but may be used as evidence of knowledge and skills gained. The modules completed may be used as evidence towards Recognition of Prior Learning if learners plan their further studies in the same stream.

Our Qualifications

We have developed qualifications to cater to the needs across a wide range of sectors, and we continually focus on developing the qualifications to fulfil the market demands. As an awarding organisation at the Institute of Business and Technology, we ensure that we undertake rigorous quality assurance procedures for our qualifications to maintain high standards.

Why Choose IBT Qualifications

Global Standards

All the IBT qualifications and modules are industry-focused and developed to meet global standards. We review the qualifications and programmes regularly to ensure that they suit the needs of the learners and organisations. The qualifications are evaluated by highly qualified experts.

Career Enhancement

With our qualifications, we aim to prepare learners with the knowledge and skills employers seek. Learners are allowed to enhance their understanding of business management and information technology and grow key competencies to tackle work projects and situations more effectively.

Delivered Globally

IBT has numerous approved centres spread globally; therefore, learners can enrol for any IBT program through one of its approved centres.

Flexible Study Mode

The centres of IBT are free to choose their desired delivery mode, including Classroom, Blended, Distance or Online Learning. Thus, learners can get the benefits of flexible study options.